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In the central part of the Croatian Adriatic, between Šibenik and Zadar, there is a separate and amazing group of islands named Kornati. Due to their extraordinary landscape, interesting geomorphology, indented coastline and particularly rich biodiversity of the marine ecosystems most of the Kornati archipelago was declared a national park in the 1980s.


Northern Velebit was declared a national park on June 9, 1999 and the public institution began its work the same year on basis of the decree of the 16th Parliament of the Republic of Croatia. The area was declared a national park because of the variety of karst phenomena, the wealth of wildife and outstanding natural beauty on a relatively small area.


Plitvice Lakes is the best and most visited among eight national parks in Croatia. It is the only natural value in Croatia that has been included in the World Heritage List (UNESCO) back in 1979, and with that, it was among the first in the world.
According to the IUCN, which defines eight categories of protection of natural areas, Plitvice Lakes falls under the second category – the national park, which means it is a protected area under management, primarily for ecosystem protection and recreation.


NP Risnjak stretches in the hinterland of city of Rijeka and Kvarner, with air distance of less than 15 km from the sea. Risnjak has been awarded a status of a national park due to its large number of natural phenomena in a relatively small area. Here we can find a number of geographical, geological, vegetative, climate and pedological phenomena.


NP Krka is a spacious, largely unchanged region of exceptional and multifaceted natural value which includes one or more preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems. It is intended primarily for scientific, cultural, educational, recreational and tourism activities, such as visiting and sightseeing. It was declared a national park in 1985 and it is seventh of its kind in Croatia.
It is located entirely within the territory of Šibenik-Knin County and encompasses a 109 km2 area along the river Krka: two kilometers downstream from Knin to Skradin and lower stream of Čikola.


Telašćica was declared a nature park on march 24, 1988. It occupies an area of 6706 ha and it covers the southern part of Dugi Otok with deeply indrawn and very indented Telašćica bay, as well as several smaller islands bordering NP Kornati, as  Katina island being one of the largest ones…


As you travel between two historical cities of Zadar and Šibenik on coastal road toward northern Dalmatia woul will set are a natural phenomenon of two equeally beautiful, yet so different blues. On one side you will have indented Adriatic coast famous for its beauty and purity, and on the other, the largest natural lake in Croatia.


Of the many interesting and accessible caves in our karst area that are distinguished by their beauty and that are prepared for tourist visits, those that take the first spot are Cerovačke caves in the Lika Gračac region. Cerovačke caves – Upper and Lower – by special provision of the Institute for Protection of Nature in 1961…

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